Précis Pageant highlights class of 2017

January 12, 2017


On Monday, January 9th, yearbook held the annual Précis Pageant. This pageant recognizes the senior superlatives in addition to Mr. and Miss Sophomore and Mr. and Miss Junior class. In between giving the awards, students performed to showcase their talents. The students had to try out to be able to perform. The masters of ceremonies were Sarah Tillery, Gregor Patti, and Keeton Landfair.

The talent in the Precis pageant included: Prep’s acapella group Capital who sang “In the Air Tonight,” Graham Roberson who played majestic tones on the piano, Beth Ann Young played the piano while singing “Santeria,” Sara Thomas Easley, Laurel Evan and Piper Schrock sang “Imagine.” Madeline Porter sang “She Used to be Mine.” Kelly McBride, JP Gathings, Jennings Duncan, Gregory Vance, and Polly Watkins are known as the Dreamcatchers.  They performed “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Gregory Vance and Charlsey Rowan sang “All I Ask” together.  Hannah Plunkett and Abigail Martin sang a piece from the Broadway Production, “Little Women”. Finally, the Something and the Someone’s made up of Jordan Davis, Jack Reynolds Holiman, Lawson Marchetti, Holman Buchanan, Anna Kate Williams, Isaac Clapp, Joshua Michael, and Gracie McCraney collaborated to perform “Lover to Lover.”

Before any awards were given out, the beauties and beaux were presented to a panel of judges. The class of 2017 had eight beauties and eight beaux.  The beauties were Ann Clardy Byrd, Jordan Davis, Addison Hughes, Ann Leighton Malouf, Bailey Mangum, London Miskelly, Ally Walker, and Anna Kate Williams. The beaux were Holman Buchanan, Jacob Crawley, Jared Dodd, Sam Mills, Hunter Patterson, JoJo Pound, Noah Sasser, and Joseph Upton. Jackson Prep’s Most Beautiful/Handsome are Ann Leighton Malouf and Holman Buchanan.

Along with the beauties and beaux, the 2017 class favorites were Ellis Abdo, Jacob Aron, Isabelle Box, Eliza Brantley, Kendall Causey, Elkin Crews, Hays Dubberly, Sam Fulton, RJ Green, Emily Heidelberg, Charlie Miller, Hannah Plunkett, Jay Adams Rucker, and Sarah Helen Skelton.




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