Athlete Profile: Greyton Ray

From Issue 5


Greyton Ray has stuck with a sport that many students play for about three years then quit… soccer. He has been playing since he was three years old and is now a junior.

All of that hard work has paid off and he is now currently playing striker or forward for the Jackson Prep varsity soccer team. They had a great season last year which ended with them winning State, and they look forward to a good season this year.

”My greatest accomplishment for Prep soccer was getting to play in the championship game for a few minutes as a tenth grader,” says Greyton.

Not only does he play on the Prep team but he also plays on the Mississippi Rush team (traveling soccer). Traveling soccer is when you are on a team that competes in tournaments all across the south. This team competes all year long with a short break during the winter. “Winning in a tournament in Gulf Shores was one of my favorite moments on the team.” Greyton says. He is not looking to play in college, but if gets a scholarship, he might look into it playing in college. One of his favorite things about soccer is the bond with his teammates.

“My teammates and I are all friends on and off the field.” Greyton has been playing soccer since he was very little and has never enjoyed any other sport as much as soccer. “Sticking with soccer is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”