ALBUM REVIEW: Backstreet Boys are back! Again!

The Backstreet Boys are back and sounding fresh with a new album.  It was released on January 25 and is called DNA.  It’s been five years since their last album was released and they haven’t charted since 2007, but it was worth the wait because their 10th studio album is poppin’.

Before releasing the whole album, they gave listeners a taste by releasing singles included on the album: ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’, ‘Chances’, and ‘No Place’.  The first was a big hit in the summer with some strong beat drops, a good one to jam to in the car. Senior, Parks Flynt, says, “Gotta love ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’!  It Always makes me happy when I listen.”

The tracks on this album were written by various artists including Shawn Mendes, Lauv, Emily Warren, and others. The album as a whole is very diverse, from a cappella to electronic beats, the boys cover the whole spectrum, keeping fans interested.  ‘Breathe’ is the a cappella song, and it is beautiful with harmonies that are very soothing. All of the songs have a romantic feel, as one is to expect of the classic boy band.

Overall, the album is very good, and keeps listeners remembering who the Backstreet Boys are, displays their talents well, and brings out a new sound.