OPINION: President Trump is the leader we need in a crisis

Coronavirus. China virus. Wuhan virus. COVID-19. Whatever you call it, this pandemic has been making headlines. The virus is all the news talks about, and the impacts could potentially be disastrous. College and professional sports have been cancelled and postponed. Schools all over the country and globe have closed, including Prep, until further notice. The 2020 presidential race has been put on a temporary hold now as campaign rallies have been cancelled. The two remaining candidates, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, have resorted to doing virtual town halls and fireside chats. They talk about how they would be handling the spread of this virus, making me thankful that neither they nor Hillary Clinton are in charge at a time like this.

President Donald J. Trump has taken action his entire presidency on both social and economic issues and foreign and domestic issues. All of these spheres are now threatened by COVID-19, and President Trump has once again demonstrated decisive decision-making that has already saved lives, something that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders would be less equipped to accomplish as president based on their criticism of the president’s handling of COVID-19 and their proposals on what they would be doing.

“If it looks like you’re overreacting, you’re probably doing the right thing,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. If anything, President Trump is overreacting. Even when the coronavirus was not yet considered a serious threat, President Trump imposed restrictions on travel to China, the source of the outbreak. While Congressional Democrats said that Trump’s actions were xenophobic, they have slowed down the spread of the virus and given our country more time to prepare for what comes next. When Europe became the new center of the virus, President Trump took the same action to protect American citizens.

President Trump holds a press conference regarding the Chinese coronavirus. Photo courtesy of the White House

President Trump created the Coronavirus Task Force, headed by Vice President Mike Pence. The truth of the matter is that when dealing with this outbreak, the federal government must work closely with state and local governments. That is why there is no one better than a former-governor to head this important task force. Mike Pence has proved to be competent, composed, and calm during crises and is an excellent choice to lead America through this troubling time. Under Pence are some of the most brilliant minds in our government, including Housing and Urban Development Secretary and former brain surgeon Ben Carson, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Director Seema Verma, and our top leaders in science, including Dr. Fauci.

Even further, the president declared a national emergency on March 13, promising to use the full and complete powers of the federal government to stop this pandemic. Trump approved $8.3 billion in emergency aid on March 6, provided low-interest loans to small businesses, who need help during this crisis, and proposed a payroll tax cut to lift the economic burden caused by the coronavirus. President Trump has deregulated industries and cut so much red tape that now COVID-19 tests can be approved in days instead of weeks and vaccines can be created without unnecessary cutbacks, rules, or regulations, potentially speeding up the long process. On top of this, President Trump has made the coronavirus tests free, even if you are not insured.

However, if the past is any indication, the government cannot be trusted with big tasks and almost always makes bad situations worse. That is why President Trump is doing something that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders most likely not do: partner with private businesses to protect the American people. Google is creating a nationwide website, informing people if and where they should be tested for COVID-19. Walmart has committed to allowing select parking lots to be used for drive thru accessible and efficient testing. President Trump has successfully negotiated for insurance companies to waive coronavirus copays.

During times like these, I truly am thankful that we have a doer in the White House. Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders would not have taken the action necessary to protect Americans, their jobs, and their livelihoods like President Trump has. This is evident from their outcry at what President Trump has done, and what they say they would do instead. For example, Joe Biden called the early Chinese travel ban, “xenophobic.”  Dr. Fauci said the move saved us from “a lot of suffering” and was the right decision. The Democrats are simply lying when they say that the president has not done enough to flatten the coronavirus curve, and I know that we are in good and capable hands under President Trump’s leadership. For now, let’s do our part by washing our hands, not touching our faces, staying home when we feel sick, and avoiding large crowds.

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