Sentry Picks: What’s your dream job?

A look at what the staff would like to be when (and if) they grow up.

“CIA agent”- Hannah Grace Biggs

“Pediatrician”- Russ Upton 

“Retired” – Selby Ireland

“President of the United States of America” – Cass Rutledge

“Definitely not a professional gamer ” – Joseph Watts

“Queen of England”- Olivia Moore

“Visual Effects Artist” – Alex Roberson

“Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA)” – Tanner Gough

“Psychologist” – Sarah Herring

“FBI agent” – Dylan Burkhalter

“Fortune Cookie Writer” – Julia Stradinger 

“Professional Taste Tester” – Maggie Boswell 

“Doctor” – Thomas Wasson

“FBI agent”- Ainsley O’Quinn

“Travel Blogger” -Lizzy Kellum

“Interior Designer” – Lulu Kellum

“Plumber” – Eli Venarske

“Stay at home dad” – Wayne Hsieh

“FBI agent”-margaret oliver

“Travel Blogger” – Lily Flowers

Professional Chef – Lauren Anne Smith

“Stylist” -Caroline Huff

“Architect” -Jane Hurst

“Red Bull Skydiver”-Hunter Yelverton

“Semi-pro Bat Boy” – Mason Nichols

“Tennessee Titans equipment manager”- Charles Stephenson

“Pro Chef or Pro Athlete’-Jake Lange

“Garbage man” – Walker Poole

“Entertainment mogul”-Camp Carter

“I want to work for the SEC”- Aubrey Scott Moak 

“Dermatologist” – Mara Liston

“Astronaut” – Dax Murphy 

“Dentist” – Sayley Crawford 

“Podcaster”- Haddon McLeod

“Nail Polish Namer” – Lilly Noble