OPINION: Kamala Harris is a threat to America

From Issue 2

Kamala Harris served as Attorney General of the State of California.

Let’s be honest. Joe Biden isn’t mentally there. That is why his handlers have barely let him out of his basement, and that is why his vice presidential nominee is more important than the picks of the past. According to Rasmussen Reports, a polling company, 59% of likely voters think that Biden would not even be able finish his first term if elected. Joe Biden himself recognized that he is a “transition candidate” to the next generation of Democratic leadership, which is increasingly leftist and more openly socialist. Kamala Harris, Biden’s new lead handler, is the embodiment of that radical leftist future.

The amount of mental gymnastics necessary to call Kamala Harris a “pragmatic moderate” as The New York Times did is truly astounding. Harris openly embraces the far left and is in no way a moderate. She does not even hide her big government ambitions, as shown through her public service record and her failed presidential bid.

Let’s start by looking at the current job she has as a United States Senator. In 2019, GovTrack.us, a legislator and legislation tracking website, named Sen. Harris the most liberal senator. Yes, you read that right. Kamala Harris was more liberal than every single United States Senator, including Elizabeth Warren and self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. Beyond that, she has cosponsored radical legislation, which most notably includes the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.

Bernie Sanders’s version of these two bills alone would cost Americans about 33.8 trillion (yes, TRILLION) dollars over the next decade, according to the BBC, almost doubling the current budget, and would require huge tax increases for the middle class. Expect Harris’s version to cost even more considering that she had an even more liberal Senate voting record in 2018. The Green New Deal uses the issue of climate change as a way to usher in socialism, which would include a jobs guarantee and universal healthcare, sifting even more choice and freedom from the citizenry and private sector. 

Medicare for All is Medicare for None. Private health insurance would be abolished, and your healthcare would be placed in the hands of the inefficient, untrustworthy federal government. To top it all off, Harris voted against the bipartisan USMCA, which has already created thousands of jobs, and a bill to ban infanticide. Not abortion; infanticide. Withholding life-saving medical attention to newborn babies is okay with her. In no way is Kamala Harris a moderate, and it is simply baseless to suggest that she is.

Before her Senate career, Harris spent her time as Attorney General of California and San Francisco District Attorney locking up hundreds of Americans, disproportionately African American, for using marijuana, and then later laughingly admitting to using the drug herself. Harris’s controversial public record became a subject of her Senate debate as challenger Tulsi Gabbard pointed out that Harris kept prisoners in jail beyond their sentences to get cheap labor and at one point even hid evidence that would have exonerated a man on death row. Despite being nowhere near a moderate, Kamala Harris kept moving far left and out of touch with average Americans on the campaign trail. Some of the highlights include that she wants to give illegal immigrants taxpayer funded healthcare, ban plastic straws, ban fracking, ban certain unspecified unhealthy eating behaviors, and bypass Congress to restrict gun ownership, saying she’d take “executive action” if Congress did not act in 100 days.

Kamala Harris is not only radical in every sense of the word, but she is also so power hungry to the point that she is morally bankrupt. It was only a short while ago when Harris said she “believe[s]” the allegations of unwanted touching by several women against Joe Biden. She then went on to attack Biden for praising segregationists and for opposing busing, calling the issue “personal” and said repeatedly that she was on completely different sides with Biden on school busing and added that the Democratic Party must act “swiftly” on this issue.

She completely abandoned her old thoughts and attacks when her presidential bid failed miserably, and it became possible for her to reach the next highest step. She accepted the vice presidential nomination of the one who she just recently alleged inappropriately touched women and would have made it more difficult for her to leave her segregated school. This is beyond changing policy issues to accommodate the top of your ticket. To allege such serious and disqualifying actions against Joe Biden and then months later run for office alongside him is an abandonment of Harris’s values. That is who Kamala Harris is: someone whose only goal is to climb the political ladder and to do whatever it takes to reach the next step, even if that means compromising on her own beliefs.

Joe Biden frequently forgets where he is, struggles to speak in full sentences, and has noticeably and sadly begun a mental decline over the past few years. Joe Biden cannot handle an interview and unfiltered questioning, much less the highest office in our land. This could make his Vice President, Kamala Harris, the de facto President of the United States, and that is a scary thought. Her political opportunism reaches no bounds and her leftist, socialist agenda is ever-expanding and truly poses a very dangerous and grave threat to our country, our freedoms, and the generations to come.