Cast List for M*A*S*H Announced



Jackson Preparatory School is putting on M*A*S*H as a spring play. The dates for the performances are the 24th, 25th, and 27th of April. Auditions for parts were the 17th and the 18th of February, and here are the results:

Character Actor
Hawkeye Tyler Wann
Duke Trey Box
Trapper Jack McBride
Blake Seth Lenoir
Burns Daniel Hayes Brister
Father Mulcahy JP Gathings
Radar John Williams Creel
Ugly George B. Fike
Devine Lawson Marchetti
Ho-Jon Charlie Davis
Waldowski (Walt) Gregor Patti
General Hammond Matt Gross
Dean Mercy Lodge Macy Richardson
Janice Claire Parrish
Margaret Jennifer Roberts
Nancy Hannah Plunkett
Louise Olivia Flynt
Bridget Breanne Powers
Congresswoman Goldfarb Madeline Porter
Oliver Wendal Jones (SC)
Mitzi Emily Box
Fritzi Michelle Daschbach
Agnes Claire Porter
Haskell Leah Thomas
Randazzle Anna Jordan
Liebowitz Lauren Henderson
Korean Woman #1 Alex Reichle
Korean Woman #2 Lily Garrett
Korean Emily Lamb
GIs, Koreans and Medical Personnel
Clancy Smith
Olivia Wann
Anna Katherine Cooper
Shelby Pinnix
Sara Simmons
Anna Kat Ireland
Lila Burton
Set Crew
Emily Michael
Julia Payne