Students Like Change In Schedule

From Issue 4

This year the high school at Jackson Prep introduced a schedule change. Instead of students going to directed study everyday, they only have to go to homeroom once a week, on Monday. The students learn what they have planned for the week. Most of the news is whether they will have a forum, pep rally, etc…  This is a great addition to the schedule for students because they have the rest of the week to do whatever they want to do, they have a copious amount of free time. The students have 50 minutes of free time between activity period to the start of 4th period.

Many students I have talked to said they are enjoying the new schedule, during that time they can do homework that they didn’t do last night, go to the cafeteria and eat, or hang out with friends. Keeton Landfair, an 11th grader said, “I like to know what is planned out for the week but I also like having a lot of free time on the other days.” Jacob Crawley, an 11th grader, said, “It’s great. I can do any homework that I didn’t do last night during the free time.”