Photo by Will Fletcher.
Photo by Will Fletcher.

Juniors prepare for annual class garage sale

March 1, 2018

In mid January, the current junior class began preparing for the annual Jackson Prep Garage Sale. The sale, which has been going on for several years now, has become a popular event among those in the Jackson area, and it has even become popular among some from as far as Gulfport, MS due to the wide variety of furniture, electronics, clothes, toys, and trinkets that it displays for sale.

Traditionally, funds raised from the sale pay the prom fees of those juniors who participate in the garage sale by getting their 10 required volunteer hours for helping to collect, move in, set up, and/or price a variety of items donated by the Prep community. This will be the case for the funds raised this year as well. Because it is favored by parents as well as the community and allows the junior class to work together towards a common goal before their senior year, GLI Director Colonel Merrell described the garage sale as a “win, win, win.”

Co chairs for the event are juniors Alex Gibbs and Parker Williams. Assisting them in the management of a variety of tasks such as large item pickup, staging/security, cleanup, signs, finance, etc. are leaders Nora Beth Hetzel, Chandler Usry, Matt Mills, Reece Davis, Spence Graves, JP Guilbeau, Emory Maxwell, Will Fletcher, Robert Jordan, Katie Simmons, Amanda Roberts, Gabbi Ferreri, Jordan Headley, Tori Newsome, David Purvis, and Caroline McIntyre.

The garage sale will be open in the Manning Center on Saturday March 3 from 5 AM to 11 AM, though it is said that lines have formed outside of the center as early as 2 AM in past years. From 5 to 7 AM, general admission is $5, and after 7 AM, admission will be free. On the day before the sale (i.e. Friday March 2), juniors and faculty will be able to shop the sale free of charge from 3-5 PM.

Any items remaining after 11 AM on Saturday will be donated to Goodwill. Cleanup crews will be responsible for loading items onto the two Goodwill trucks scheduled to arrive at the end of the event.

Prep’s current GLI Assistant Director Mrs. Sharon Box commented on the efforts of the junior class in their preparation for the sale thus far. She said, “I think the juniors have worked very well as a class to make this a successful event this year.”

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