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Fashion look book for fall: what to wear during the cold weather

Fashion look book for fall: what to wear during the cold weather

By Sophia Primos November 29, 2023

As the weather changes, the style must follow in its footsteps. Clothing of the cooler seasons is all about blending elegance and comfort. Airy, bright, summer pieces are swapped for layered and warmer...

Christmas around town

By Sophia Primos November 17, 2023

Now that it is December, most places are getting into the holiday spirit. Light shows, festivals, and other activities are popping up around town. Restaurants and cafes are also providing holiday specials...

Graphic by Anna Cate Hays

Where are the best places to get formal dresses?

By Sophia Primos, Around Town Editor February 24, 2023

With formals all around the school year, girls are always on the hunt for a good dress. Whether it is for prom, Beauty and Beau, the charity ball, or homecoming, there are many dress stores and boutiques...

A customized lemonade tea is served. Photo by Anna Cate Hays

Soulé Coffee + Bubble Tea equals happiness

By Anna Cate Hays, Graphics Editor November 8, 2022

Located in the heart of Fondren, Soulé Coffee and Bubbletea has brought something to the area that is fresh and fun. The coffee and bubble tea shop is located in Fondren Village strip mall. This...

John Woods Hollowell uses resistance bands to train for his sport. Photo by:

Fondren Fitness racks up new members, including Prep students

By Jack Dryden and Jack Impastato October 4, 2022

Fondren Fitness is a gym located off of Old Canton Road. It was founded August 5, 2019 and is a 1200 square foot gym that has many different parts to it. There are various areas in this gym, which allows...

Crumbl cookies rumbles onto Lakeland Drive

Crumbl cookies rumbles onto Lakeland Drive

By Hannah Polk and Anna Cate Hays September 29, 2022

Crumbl’s third location has officially opened! The new location sits by the Cup’s and Party City off  Lakeland drive. This opening comes only a year after the Madison location being in business. ...

Restaurant Review: Is Super Chix super overrated?

Restaurant Review: Is Super Chix “super overrated”?

By Anna Blaire Bryant, Editor-in-Chief September 14, 2022

Fast food restaurant Super Chix was founded in 2014 in Dallas, Texas by Nick Ouimet  but just recently took off this year. The company was purchased by Darryl Neider, former five guys franchise in 2018.  Mississippi’s...

Highball Lanes making a strike in Fondren

Highball Lanes making a strike in Fondren

By Anna Cate Hayes and Mary Kathryn Mason March 9, 2022

The area of Fondren has recently undergone some new changes. A couple new assets have been renewed to spice up this district even more. The Capri Theatre is now the new hot spot in town. It is reopening...

The famous Mayflower Cafe in downtown Jackson has been keeping locals fed for generations.

Mayflower Cafe: a longstanding Jackson tradition

By Evans Reynolds September 24, 2021

  One of Jackson’s oldest and longest running restaurants, the Mayflower Cafe, has been around for more than 80 years. Most everyone in Jackson has probably heard of or experienced the restaurant...

REVIEW: Chick-fil-As new salad disappointing

REVIEW: Chick-fil-A’s new salad disappointing

By Eliza Maxwell and Walker Poole May 18, 2021

Our social media editors were told they had to have a byline for Issue 10. This hard-hitting piece of journalism is the result.  Chick-fil-A’s new salad is a Lemon Kale Caesar Salad. It is served...

Delish quesadilla with a side of rice. Photo Credits from Hannah Polk

Food Fanatics: Santa Fe Grill

By Mary Kathryn Mason and Hannah Polk April 20, 2021

Looking for a new modern Mexican restaurant near you? If so, then the Santa Fe Grill is just the place for you. Locally owned, they offer a wide variety of foods and are located in Jackson, MS. They opened...

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