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The Sentry is the student newspaper of Jackson Preparatory School. It is prepared by students for the entire Prep community. The staff hopes to inform, to educate, to entertain, and to question for the betterment of Prep and the lives of people in the Jackson community.

The print edition of The Sentry is published at regular intervals throughout the year.  The newspaper is produced by the Sentry staff, consisting of students both in and out of the senior high journalism class.

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Editorial Policies

The Sentry accepts outside editorial pieces for publication in the print edition under the following guidelines:

Opinion pieces are not simply rants.  Pieces should be about things that can be changed or alleviated, or pieces may suggest a solution to a problem.  Pieces should not simply jab at things of which the writer does not approve. Humorous opinion pieces are subject to the judgement of the editorial staff.

All opinion pieces are the views of the author, and the author only, with the exception of staff editorials, which are unsigned and reflect the consensus view of the students in the Sentry class. Staff editorials are the only columns in the paper that express the unified view of the Sentry Staff.  This staff editorial process is comprised of two main steps.  First, the staff talks amongst themselves about a topic and organizes a position on the issue on which all class members can agree. The editorial is then written and run past the staff members for approval.

Letters to the Editor are a great way to make your voice heard.  To submit a letter for the print edition, simply write to [email protected]. We do not currently accept unsigned letters.

To submit a Guest Editorial for the print edition, simply type your opinion, double-spaced with a minimum of 250 words, and submit it to [email protected]. We do not currently accept unsigned editorials.


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About The Sentry / Contact Us