Crumbl cookies rumbles onto Lakeland Drive

From Issue 2

Crumbl’s third location has officially opened! The new location sits by the Cup’s and Party City off  Lakeland drive. This opening comes only a year after the Madison location being in business.  Almost everyone looks forward to Crumbl’s weekly flavors, so one should always expect a line to get the cookies. If you have been to the Madison and Flowood locations, you can see that the inside setup is very similar, even though the Flowood location is a bit larger. The first week of the opening had a diverse and satisfying choice of cookies.

Results of a poll of the Crumbl cookies Pink Sugar and Chocolate Chip. Graphic by Anna Cate Hays

During this week, Crumbl featured a new Strawberry Shortcake flavored cookie, which quickly became a favorite. The fresh fruit on top of the whipped cream based icing added the perfect touch to the refreshing strawberry shortcake cookie. This cookie was definitely a hit as it combined fresh flavors with a sweet shortcake. Another unique flavor featured this week was the Mallow Sandwich ft. Oreo; the cookie sandwich contained two chocolate “cake” cookies and marshmallow cream filling. The presentation of this cookie was on point as it resembled an oversized Oreo cookie. The return of two fan-favorites also made an appearance in this week’s variety box. 

Red Velvet and Classic Chocolate Chip proved to continue the streak of delicious goodness. With that being said, after trying the Strawberry Shortcake, the Red Velvet was a bit too sweet for our taste. Being a cake cookie, the added frosting makes the cookie very heavy to eat. Last in the box was Circus Animal; this cookie was delicious. Based on the beloved snacks, this colorful cookie was served warm and all but melting in our mouths. We’re super excited to see where the Crumbl will go with the future as they now have  expanded to  embracing pop culture in their weekly flavors . The next week  featured Minion inspired cookies by incorporating banana flavored cookies and chocolate cake cookies. The week of September 12th saw yellow sprinkles and icing throughout the weekly box. Their most popular cookie of that week was the Banana Cream Pudding , which contrary to the appearance, was surprisingly good. They also featured a new flavor called Chocolate Minion Mud which was a bit too sweet, as the chocoalte icing was overpowering.  Overall, the cookies are a unique experience but not worth paying the weekly fee to get a box.