Restaurant Review: Is Super Chix “super overrated”?

Fast food restaurant Super Chix was founded in 2014 in Dallas, Texas by Nick Ouimet  but just recently took off this year. The company was purchased by Darryl Neider, former five guys franchise in 2018. 

Mississippi’s first ever Super Chix’s grand opening took place over the summer and with its location being right on Lakeland Drive, many Prep student’s interests surrounding it peaked as school started back up, including my own. It’s the sixth Super Chix to open in 2022. I was skeptical of it from the start. Being so new, I wondered, could it be compared with other competing fast food restaurants in the area such as Canes or Chick-fil-a, both also located on Lakeland?

Head volleyball coach Lauren Markle tried it and said, “I didn’t like the food. There was too much sauce on the chicken. But the custard ice cream was really good.”

courtesy of Super Chix website

Their menu consists of a variety of sandwiches, salads, tenders, sides, kids meals, and frozen yogurt. I ordered a crispy avocado chicken sandwich for my entree and added bacon and a grilled filet. In addition to this, I ordered a side of cheese fries and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cold fusion. My total, including a tip (which was suggested when ordering online), was almost thirty dollars, which I find to be really overpriced for fast food. 

I found the layout inside to be weird, and it was also strange to me that while at first glance there seemed to be a drive-thru, it was only for mobile orders which is not made clear by a sign or anything until you get to the actual window itself. 

The sandwich was mediocre at best, but the fries and cold fusion were really good. I think that some of the other menu items may have been a better choice than the Crispy avocado sandwich because while I do love avocados, I learned that when they are warm, they are quite unappetizing. 

Overall, while I didn’t love Super Chix, I think I may return to try a different entree before completely bashing it, and when I go back I’ll definitely get a side of cajun cheese fries again.