Soulé Coffee + Bubble Tea equals happiness

From Issue 3

A customized lemonade tea is served. Photo by Anna Cate Hays

Located in the heart of Fondren, Soulé Coffee and Bubbletea has brought something to the area that is fresh and fun. The coffee and bubble tea shop is located in Fondren Village strip mall. This is not the only location of the company, but it is one of three limited locations. The energy and atmosphere is as good as it can get for studying, chatting with a friend, or just sitting down for a coffee or even a bubble tea. Not only is the atmosphere immaculate, but they can make a satisfactory coffee. Their iced vanilla latte, which is basic but can almost never go wrong, was top of the line. The latte was more on the bitter side, so if one wants a sweeter and richer coffee, I would recommend ordering it extra sweet. 

Customers are interestingly greeted with an iPad to select their order, unlike the classic coffee shop with someone there to take their order. Along with this is their policy of no cash and card only payment, so a big warning to anyone who comes in with cash only in hand. Another espresso based drink, their white mocha, is almost perfectly crafted. With the perfect blend of milk, espresso, and white mocha, the drink has a great ratio of sweetness to the bitterness of the coffee base, making it a perfect hot drink on a chilly Fall day. Their best by far, for a refreshing treat, is their lemonade. With strawberry puree/flavor in the bottom strawberry boba to contrast with the blue colored lemonade, it created a delicious drink. They offer a broad range of drinks like these for people who may not like coffee, and prefer more refreshing or fruity flavors. 

Ezra Brown, owner of Soulé, proudly stated, “Jackson Mississippi is the future” which his shop clearly indicates to the customers and the citizens of the city, with his retro vibe and positive energy of the Soulé.