Fondren Fitness racks up new members, including Prep students

From Issue 2

Fondren Fitness is a gym located off of Old Canton Road. It was founded August 5, 2019 and is a 1200 square foot gym that has many different parts to it. There are various areas in this gym, which allows the area to be spread out, so it doesn’t feel crowded even when a lot of people are there. One room is dedicated to machines for weightlifting including smith machines, cable machines, squat racks, just to name a few. There is also a room that is dedicated to bench press. This room consists of a decline bench, incline bench, flat bench, and a Viking press machine. These options provide many different ways to do your workouts. In the back of the building there is a turf room. This room is used for more aerobic purposes like running and other mobility routines. All of these different rooms provide the option for a well-rounded workout. Fondren has a hydro-massage chair, which massages your body with water jets while you are laying down. Also, if you have a membership with Fondren Fitness you can use a BMI (body mass index). This machine will tell you your body fat percentage, and it can be very helpful to see your progress over time.

John Woods Hollowell uses resistance bands to train for his sport. Photo by Jack Dryden 

Many Prep students go to Fondren Fitness regularly. The staff is very familiar with the students because of how often they workout there. It is safe to say that a high number of Prep students that live in the North Jackson area go to Fondren Fitness as their main place of exercise activity. Junior Cooper Walters said, “It’s a great environment to workout in, and the staff is amazing.” Another junior, Henry Dawkins said, “The equipment is great, and I love pushing iron.”  Overall Fondren Fitness is a great gym for anybody and everybody.