An image from Prentiss’ “Dance in the Moonlight” video, which can be found at (Image courtesy of @alwaysadenfilms)
An image from Prentiss’ “Dance in the Moonlight” video, which can be found at

Image courtesy of @alwaysadenfilms

Prentiss: artist on the rise

From Issue 6

February 11, 2021

Eighth grader and part-time SoundCloud rapper Prentiss Furr has always had a love for music. He got into rapping two years ago when he was only in 6th grade. On October 24 of last year, he released his first single called “October” which has over a hundred thousand streams on Spotify. Shortly after, on December 13, he released his second single, “Chocolate”, and his most recent single, “Why Should I Care,” was released on January 21. He is 13 and already rising to fame on several social media platforms with over 19 thousand followers on Instagram.

Prentiss said, “I’d never written a song before October of this year, and I just wanted to put something out there, but I didn’t have any inspiration. I looked at my phone and saw it was October, so that’s what I decided to call it. The lyrics themselves don’t have a specific meaning, but the song’s vibe is what’s important to me. It only took thirty minutes since I had the melody in my head. I was eating a chocolate bar, and that’s how I thought of my second single name. I had to make it more emotional after, but it just came to me.”


One of his older brothers, who is in college, was the first to see that his song “October” had been featured on Barstool Sports. When he called Prentiss to tell him the news, Prentiss said, “I was so confused, but it was so cool. I follow them, so it was awesome to see myself there, but just random and unexpected.” Furr’s parents, siblings, and friends at Prep have been supportive of his music journey since day one. He said his brothers are “hype” about how quickly his fame has grown and finished by saying, “I plan on writing new music in the future, and I’m even working on something right now for my history teacher Mr. Kevin Robichaux, or better known as Young Nation since he’s a rapper himself.” 

Young Nation started rapping three years ago, but he has not released any music yet. Prentiss is currently working on the beat for Robichaux’s upcoming single. Mr. Robichaux said, “I hope everyone continues to stay tuned for my new bop coming out featuring Prentiss. Until then, I’ll be in the studio rapping, coaching golf, and teaching these kids American history.”

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