One School, Many Books Returns

img_4676Wednesday, September 7, the third annual One School Many Books event took place on campus.  Groups of students met throughout the campus to discuss the books the students had chosen. The purposes of the event was to highlight the importance of reading to members of the Prep community and to expose students to works they might not have otherwise considered.

The books had been mostly suggested by faculty and staff members, and they were present for the discussions, although, as Coach John Haberman noted, “These discussions are meant to be led by the students, not by faculty.”

Compared to last year’s selection, students said that there was a bit more variance in the selection this year. Sophomore Meriwether Marchetti claimed, “I can connect with it [Tiger Lily] because it felt like it was my life in a book.”

Over the few years since OSMB’s debut, each book had a teacher assigned to that certain book, but that has changed this year, with a number of the suggestions having been put forward by students.

Senior Sarah Riley Jicka, the group leader of Mysterious Benedict Society, made out the quiz herself and had the students perform mental games and brain teasers, just as the plot of the book had focused on.

After the students took a short quiz and discussed their book as a group, they headed out to Patriot Avenue to enjoy coffee and cake.