New Teacher Profile: Charese Aldridge


Ms. Charese Aldridge with her daughter Emme.

Ms. Charese Aldridge, one of Prep’s Spanish teachers, was born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana. She attended high school at River Oaks High School, and she went to college at The University of Mississippi, majoring in English with a minor in business and Spanish. Ms. Aldridge moved to Jackson after she graduated from Ole Miss.

Ms. Aldridge has two kids. Her daughter Emme is a junior at Prep, and her son Ethan is an eighth grader at Prep. She says, “The best part of my day is when my kids get home from school, and I get to hear how their day was.” Ms. Aldridge’s most stressful part of the day is the morning because she has to make sure her kids are ready for school, and she has to be on time for work.

Ms. Aldridge started teaching at Prep last year in October. She teaches three Spanish classes, and she helps with the Spanish Club. She took the job because Prep was in need of a part time teacher, and she had been thinking about going back. “It was perfect timing.” Ms. Aldridge was informed that there was a job opening by parents of students that attend Prep. Before Ms. Aldridge had kids, she taught Spanish I and 10th grade English at Brandon High School.  

When Ms. Aldridge is not at Prep, she likes to travel, spend time with friends and family, exercise, and play with her dogs. Ms. Aldridge’s favorite time of the day is the afternoon, right around lunch. Ms. Aldridge’s favorite season of the year is summer. She enjoys teaching and is glad to be back.