10th Grade Encouraged to “Seize the Day” at GLI Luncheon


Chick-fil-A and words of encouragement filled the MPR on Thursday, September 15 during the sophomore luncheon.

Matt Thornton, the guest speaker, talked about the different gifts that each student possesses. In his opinion, the greatest leader of all is Jesus Christ. He gave students tips on how to find their strengths and told them to stay the course, trusting that God has a plan. “Carpe diem, seize the day,” said Mr. Thornton in closing.

A few weeks ago, sophomores completed a 175-question strengths test that was supposed to tell what a person’s top five talents were. When they arrived at the luncheon, a strength was on each table, and students sat according to what their strengths were. A faculty member was there to talk to the students about their strength. This exercise was a great chance for students to engage in conversation with one another and get advice from their group leader.