FCA takes a new direction with student leadership

From Issue 2


Chatham Kennedy 601 906-6742

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting has been a staple at Prep for many years. Whether you are an athlete or not, FCA meetings are a way for members of the Prep community to come together and worship. This year, FCA is headed in a new direction.

Lead by senior Presidents Chatham Kennedy and Keaton Landfair, FCA has renewed an effort to bring in new and engaging speakers. Another feature this year is an emphasis on student leadership. More students can now be involved in the form of student prayer chaplains. According to Maclain Kennedy, a Sophomore Chairperson, FCA devotions this year will be “more productive” than in the past and attract more students.

Chatham credits this growth to the new student involvement. She says, FCA is really fun this year, and you don’t have to be athletic to attend.” In addition to devotions and singing, FCA now includes games and God Stories, weekly testimonies given by either Prep students or faculty members.

FCA is overseen by sponsor Coach Andrew Mitchell. Ms. Elizabeth Nenon, Young Life leader and sports photographer, came to speak October 9th. New England Patriots wide receiver Wilson Van Hooser was at Prep October 21st to share his faith.

Students interested in FCA should come to the Carlisle room at 7:30 on Friday mornings for doughnuts and good talks about Jesus.