AP students present Fitzgerald/1920s museum

(An earlier version of this story ran in Issue 3)

On Wednesday, November 9th, students, parents, and teachers gathered to view the Junior AP English class’ interactive “museum” of the 1920s and the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald, a prominent author of the decade.

The Junior AP students recently finished their study of Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. Students were divided into nine groups with five or six students per “exhibit.”

The museum was to be set in Fitzgerald’s hometown, St. Paul, Minnesota, which has visited the Jackson Prep Gallery, (the MPR.) The director of the museum, Ms. Anna Griffin, wanted students to create an immersive, interactive experience for the museum’s visitors, as well as a learning experience for everyone who comes to view it.

All Prep students were invited, as well as parents, teachers, faculty, or any other Prep visitor. There was a survey that requested visitors to provide feedback on the tour and the exhibits. With a wide variety of exhibits, the juniors learned  more about the decade in a hands-on learning environment.

This event was definitely more fun than a research paper, many juniors stated. Each exhibit was fun, exciting, and interactive for students to view and learn about the 1920s, A.K.A. “the roaring twenties.”

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