Jr. Class Garage Sale approaches with changes

The garage sale this year is on March 4 in the Manning Center. This is the first year that the garage sale is completely student-led. The leaders this year are: Nelson Ramsey, Lawson Yelverton, Camille Grady, Coleman Frye, Jacob Beard, James Beard, Molly O’Neal, Matthew Thornton, Trey Currie, Victoria Guilbeau, Will Osborne, Logan Osborne, Will Russell Ward, Zoie Cain, Katie Walker, and Mary Rogers Merrell.

For all of these students who are chairmen certain parts of the garage sale, this is considered their M.A.D. (Make A Difference) project. All juniors are required to volunteer for a total of ten hours to help with the garage sale. There are three forty-foot long storage trailers to put the items in as they are collected.

The juniors had to sign up for a committee that they wanted to help with such as the clean up committee or sorting and pricing committee. There are managers of certain sections of the garage sale that make sure that everything is organized and has a price on it. Eighty percent of the money raised at the garage sale goes to help pay for prom and graduation night. The other twenty percent goes to charity. If there is anything left after the garage sale, all of these items will go to the Salvation Army.