Flu strikes Prep with a vengeance

Photo by Paul Andress

For the past few days, Jackson Prep classrooms have been decorated with Lysol and hand sanitizer, in an attempt to avoid the flu.

There has been a huge outbreak of flu across the United States in week four of the flu season. The first case of the flu this season was on November 10. Health officials in the Florida peninsula, for example, say that this flu outbreak is their “worst in recent memory” and that the “hospitals are filled.” (Source: Peninsula Daily News)

There are schools all over the Jackson metro area that the flu has affected. Christ Covenant and St. Andrew’s have reported that they have had cases of the flu. First Presbyterian Day School, where many younger siblings of Prep students attend, says that they have not yet experienced a huge outbreak and hope to avoid it.

The flu is affecting students of various ages at Prep. Sophomore Claire Allyn Griffith said, “I came home after school yesterday with a fever. I’m required to be out of school for two full days which is inconvenient because I know schoolwork is waiting for me. My doctor said that Prep seems to be the biggest flu hotspot right now and that seventh grade has been hit the hardest.”

The 7th grade class at Prep indeed has been affected by the flu more than any grade in the whole school with over one fourth of them being affected by the flu or similar illnesses. In the Junior High, a total of fifty-one students got the flu. Teachers have been very cautious to try prevent any more sickness, with some spraying down everything in their classrooms with Lysol. This year was described as being the worst flu season in multiple years. It has also kept the administration busy taking care of all of the kids’ assignments.

There are ways that you can help prevent getting the flu. One good thing to do is to get a flu shot early in the season. Prep’s librarian Ms. Emily Lynch reminds everyone to “WASH YOUR HANDS” to avoid the disease’s spread. She is passing out hand sanitizer to students who come in the library. Other ways people try to stay healthy include consuming apple cider, vinegar, berries, cabbage, carrots, and chicken soup.

-multiple Sentry staff members contributed to this story

Photo by Paul Andress
Sickness, including the flu, has been a leading cause of absenteeism. Photo by Henley Johnson.


Librarian Ms. Emily Lynch is fighting the flu by giving out hand sanitizer to some of the library patrons. Photo by Jacob Aron