Bon Appétit! We love food day

This Valentine’s Day, Prep hosted a World Food Day. Students from French, Spanish, Chinese, and Greek classes were able to bring and sample food from around the world during their class period. The teachers encouraged their students to go out of their comfort zone and sample many foods that they would normally not get to try. There were posters that were hung that portrayed the importance of world languages that decorated the room.

Spanish students brought food such as Mexican wedding cookies, tacos, and all types of food from Mexico, Spain, and South America. Mexican hot chocolate and Mexican soft drinks were also served. Spanish teacher Mr. Upchurch said, “I think it’s a good opportunity for kids to try food that they are not normally exposed to.”

French students mostly brought French pastries, cheese and crackers. They also brought common French beverages, including sparkling grape juice and Orangina.

Chinese and Greek students also brought great food. Chinese students brought sushi among other items. Greek students brought cheese and bread along with many other yummy foods.

Students were told about all of the different foods from the different languages. Then, they were allowed to get in the long line of tables with foods and could sample any foods and drinks that they wanted to sample.

Foods from all over the world were brought into one room, giving students a cultural experience of eating food from all over the world. The day was great fun as it allowed Prep language students to sample foods from all around the world and get a taste of the different languages’ cultures.