Young Athletes to Watch: Kathleen Bronzi and Joshua Powe

From Issue 5

Kathleen Bronzi

While in the previous issues we have primarily mentioned competitors in the main team sports on campus such as football, basketball, soccer, etc., this issue we are featuring a competitor in a different type of sport:  horse-riding.

I am super proud of Kathleen and how much she has improved. She came out every day during the summer, I believe she has the grit and heart to go far in this sport.”

— Sarah Riley Jicka

The equestrian team is in its third year of competing, and the team has grown in size every year.  One of the new additions to the 2016-2017 team is seventh-grader Kathleen Bronzi.  

Kathleen has won several over-fence classes, and was an excellent competitor in her first year on the Jackson Prep equestrian team.

With hard work, Kathleen looks to improve throughout the next few years and lead the equestrian team to championships.


Joshua Powe

With several talented players, including previous Young Athletes to Watch Cam Brent and Luke Williams, the seventh grade boys look to have a promising future in basketball. This issue, we have another talented young basketball player in this grade to feature:  Joshua Powe.

Joshua is the youngest of the Prep basketball players in his family, as his sister, sophomore Olivia Powe, and his brother, senior David Powe, are both members of the varsity basketball teams.

This season in seventh grade, each player was on an intramural team whose games were played during sixth period. Additionally, any player who wanted to participate on the interscholastic team that practiced on certain nights throughout the week and played against other schools could do so. Joshua was in the starting lineup on both his intramural team and the interscholastic team and a leader on both.

One of Joshua’s best skills on the basketball court is his three point shooting. During one game on the interscholastic team against Hillcrest this season, he made four three pointers in a row, a feat that is considered very tough for a junior high or high school player, much less a seventh grader. This left the other players on the team and the parents watching amazed.

As a shooting guard/small forward, he was able to use his shooting ability and ability to drive to the basket to be a scoring weapon this season.

Over the next few years, it will be exciting to see how Joshua’s game continues to develop and how he and the other talented basketball players in his grade can contribute to leading Jackson Prep basketball teams to success.