Unleash Night of Worship held at Prep

On Monday May 1, the Unleash band, Prep’s student-led worship band, held a night of praise and fellowship for both Prep parents and students as well as for members of the community to take part in.

Throughout the winter and the spring, the Unleash band practiced during countless activity periods and before school on several mornings in preparation for different performances. After completing their last performance, it was junior and member of the group Miriam Box who proposed the idea to expand the group’s spiritual impact on students by organizing the Unleash NOW (Night of Worship) event.

Members of the Unleash Band sing and worship before students. Photo by Preston Dubberly.

In response to her idea, the remaining band members were eager to begin working to prepare for the night. Prep parent Mr. Chris Kellum, who had assisted the students with their previous performances, was also willing to contribute by leading the students musically during their practices.

Months prior to the night of worship, the ten band members organized around ten different songs to play, worked towards getting a speaker for the event, and made a logo and flyers to pass out and to advocate with on social media.

For its first year, members of the band were overwhelmed by the number of students, approximately 100, that attended the event. Junior Beth Ann Young stated, “I thought there was a perfect turnout, especially for our first one. The best part about it was hearing people sing. When they do that, you just feel how strong the worship is, and it’s such a crazy feeling.”

Members of this year’s Unleash band include Gregory Vance, Miriam Box, Beth Anne Young, Charlsey Rowan, Jennings Duncan, Mary Patton Murphy, Joseph Upton, Matt Gross, Walker Jay Patterson, and Reed Kellum.