10th grade takes Macbeth interpretations to the stage

As the school year winds down, 10th grade English teacher Jessica Wilkinson decided to test her students knowledge on the play Macbeth in a new way. 

Once her classes finished reading the play, she challenged them to pick a theme or motif from Macbeth and as a group, cut out 50 lines that symbolized their chosen theme.

“I thought this was a great way to explore the themes and motifs of Macbeth without necessarily test or write a paper.”

— Jessica Wilkinson, English teacher

Students then added movements that emphasized their script and music that would add to the mood of their theme. While this is not the first time students have performed in Mrs. Wilkinson’s class, this assignment required them to perform in front of other teachers and classes in Lindsay Hall. The English class originally learned about choral performances in their previous unit, Antigone, but this was their first time to act it out. 

Fifth period student Chandler Usry added, “I feel that this assignment allowed everyone in our groups to interject their take on Macbeth and I learned a great deal about the book that I did not know beforehand.” 

-Caroline McIntyre added to this story