Junior Aidan Creel scores fencing victories

From Issue 7

Aidan (left) with a few of his fellow fencers.

Jackson Prep junior Aidan Creel first got interested in fencing when he was watching the 2012 Olympics because of how cool it looked. After watching the Olympics, he started fencing in July of 2013. He is part of a local fencing club that rents out the lower level of the Baptist Healthplex in Jackson. The club meets on Thursdays and Saturdays for a total of about 4 hours a week.

Over the years, he has won 11 medals, including two first place medals, five second place medals, four third place medals, and a plaque for winning third place. He says, “I enjoy fencing because of the competitive spirit of it and how it’s a sport where you can really watch yourself improve.”

Aidan has competed at the Junior Olympics that were held in 2015, 2016, and 2017 which were in Richmond, Virginia; Cleveland, Ohio; and Kansas City, Kansas. He is also going to compete this summer in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Summer Nationals on July 6.

His favorite fencer is Gerek Meinhardt who is a United States Olympian. His favorite fencing move is called a “flick” in which he moves his blade with a lot of force and then stops it in mid-air, causing the blade to bend and the tip of the blade to keep going and hit his opponent.

He definitely wants to continue fencing in college competitively, but not necessarily for the college. He wants to find a local fencing club in the town of the college that he attends.