Which type of Jackson Prep student are you?

From Issue 7

Every school is made up of a unique diversity of students. However, there are are five categories in which these students fall: the brainiac, the try-hard, the average student, the slacker, and the too cool for school. These five categories can be used to identify each and every person in the crazy and exciting world of high school.

Illustration by Sloan Freeman

The Brainiac

The brainiac is the most well known throughout the school. This student is beloved by the teachers, praised by their parents, and envied by his/her peers. Whether this student is naturally brilliant, or has just mastered the art of school, he/she is outstanding in his/her academic studies. These students are disappointed when they make below a 100, which is understandable since that is a very rare occurrence. Obviously, not doing homework is not an option. Anything below a 30 on the ACT is quite disappointing considering it’s a “very easy test”. If you are present at awards day, you will see that these students never have a chance to sit down due to the fact that they will win every award which is quite amusing to this student’s fellow classmates. These outstanding students come in few numbers but with a lot of brainpower.

Illustration by Sloan Freeman

The Try-Hard

This student is the one who craves the attention and/or admiration given to the brainiac. They want to be recognized for their superb academic skills, but sadly they were not blessed with brilliance. This student must work exceptionally hard to stay at the same level as the brainiacs. They will do whatever it takes for people to think they are smart, whether that be studying for excessive amounts of time, or doing as much extra credit as humanly possible in order to have a perfect grade. This student tends to be a bit of a teacher’s pet, which could, of course, boost their grade in some way.

As most people know, there are two types of “try-hard” students. One is the student who quietly does their work, never being obnoxious about their good grades. They meekly thank others when congratulated on their academic success. In contrast, the other type of student feels the need to announce his/her great success and expects to be praised for his/her “outstanding achievements.” This student’s braggy attitude and need to be the best tends to get on people’s nerves. It best to avoid being this type of student. The “My Parents Make Me Get All A’s or I Get Grounded” type of try-hard can fall under either of these categories. These students make good grades because they are forced to, not because they have a choice. They have accepted this type of life because the outcome is better for them if they just make good grades. The way they handle this success is their own choice, however.

The Average Student

This student is the most common type in high school. This student is happy with an A but is also happy with a B, or even a C. They are bummed when they make an F, but because it rarely happens and will not affect their grade too much, they are not completely distraught over it like the brainiac or try-hard would be. They don’t need the constant praise but are happy to accept it when offered. These students tend to just fly under the radar. They are happy if their teacher likes them, but they aren’t too affected if they don’t. They’re okay with not always doing their homework because they know in the long run that they will be okay. Studying isn’t their main priority, but it will get done. To them, school is just something that they have to do. Overall, they tend to have no worries, aside from the occasional test that they have to study for.

Illustration by Sloan Freeman

The Slacker

The most notorious student of all is the slacker. This student is despised by teachers due to his/her lack of participation. Instead of doing their work or paying attention in class, they are usually asleep. This student has no desire to do his/her work. They are perfectly fine with failing. They seem to have absolutely no goals for life. They tend to have loads of missing work that will never be made up. They rely on others to do their homework and write their papers, but when the test comes around, they have no hope because they definitely did not study. Overall, these students are content not succeeding at all academically. No matter how many parent teacher meetings this student must go to, they will not change their ways.  How this student continues to pass and move through each grade is quite a mystery. This is the student that no one believes will make it past high school. Don’t be this student.

The Too Cool for School

This student is generally not liked by the teachers, but occasionally has enough charm to win them over. He/She shows up to school, usually late, with a sarcastic attitude and no worth ethic. This student may seem similar to the slacker, but there’s something very different about these students–They could easily be the brainiac, but their lack of motivation sinks them. These students are actually very smart, but they have no desire to do anything. They are more focused on their outside life than they are on school. Instead of listening in class, they are listening to music, playing on their phone or computer, or doing homework for another class that they didn’t do the night before because they were too busy watching Netflix. This group of students has its fair share of class clowns also. However, these students tend to be funny in a more sarcastic way, in contrast to their friends in the slacker group who just say stupid things to get a laugh. These students will do their work when it’s convenient, but if not, then it will never get done, even with the outreach from every single teacher asking them to get their makeup work done.

These categories are very accurate when describing most high schools. No matter how hard a student might deny it, they fall into one of the categories. The category you fall into can be escaped, but you will just fall right into another one if you change. If you are to change, at least go up a level, not down.