New looks have popped up all over campus

From Issue 1

Over this past summer, there were multiple changes made on the Jackson Prep campus. In the college counseling office, a wall was taken out and replaced with a glass window. New LED light fixtures have been placed in the ceilings in the hallways, the MPR, and the administrative offices. This year, the office is implementing a new school wide bell system. This will allow the office to be able to send out weather warnings or announcements simultaneously, or a classroom can call the office individually or vice versa. The previous bells didn’t ring in the Manning Center, gym, or above the library, but the new bell system reaches all the way to the football stadium.

There have been many improvements in the Girl’s basketball locker rooms. New carpet has been placed down in the Varsity locker room. The whole Junior high locker room was renovated. There are new showers, lockers, and benches that have been installed. Another Girl’s locker room has been placed under the football stadium. This locker room will be very convenient for girls who play soccer, softball, or run track and cross country. These locker room improvements were made possible by generous donation from the booster club.

New writable top desks have been placed in the Math, Social Sciences, and Chemistry classrooms in both the Junior and Senior High. New furniture for the teachers has been placed in nine different classrooms. English Department Chair, Mr. Nathan Devine has changed classrooms, and has replaced the normal desks with long, college style tables.

The Art room has new desks, more storage, and a better working space. The Art room also now has a large format printer and scanner. The art room improvements were funded by Applause! The band received a MacBook to make recordings of their music.

New girls’ locker room under the football stadium. Photo by Tori Newsome.
New glass enclosure in the College Counseling Office. Photo by Tori Newsome.
New junior high girls’ basketball locker room. Photo by Tori Newsome.
Mr. Devine’s new classroom setup is similar to that in many college classrooms. Photo by Stewart McCullough.