Student Profile: Julia Zouboukos

If you go to Prep, you have probably seen Julia Zouboukos on the football field, on the basketball court, or in the candy line.  As a part of the class of 2020, she is involved in varsity basketball and volleyball, student council, pacer, patriot league, and a travel volleyball team outside of school.  She was honored by her peers this month by being elected to the homecoming court.  

Julia on the basketball court. Photo courtesy of Julia Zouboukos.

In order to keep up with her busy schedule, Zouboukos puts all of her activities in her phone calendar.  This helps her stay organized and not get overwhelmed.  Her trick for not getting behind in school is staying up as late as she has to to finish her homework.  Her schoolwork is very important to her, therefore she makes it a priority.  She does not plan on continuing to play any sports in college, but she is open to the idea.  Zouboukos plans on continuing these activities throughout high school and hopes to get involved in a few clubs too.  Soccer is the one sport she wishes she had pursued that she did not.  

Right now, her favorite thing she does is Pacer.  It is very different from her other activities, and she is enjoying the new experience.  Having Kristina Zouboukos, a former Pacer, as a sister helped Zouboukos understand the responsibilities that come with the position on the team.  She also helps her perfect her kicks and moves.  Zouboukos plans to help her younger sister, Elena, juggle her various responsibilities in the same way her older sister helps her.  

Being this involved in the Prep community comes with a good deal of stress.  Zouboukos gives herself time to relax every day in order to avoid becoming overly stressed.  Her thought when handling stress is, “Everything will turn out fine.”  

Julia sets the ball for her volleyball teammates. Photo courtesy of Julia Zouboukos.

When she is not practicing, performing, or playing, Zouboukos makes sure she spends time with her friends.  She balances her full schedule of work with her social life by talking to friends at school and hanging out on the weekends when she is free.  The best part of participating in so many things is meeting new people and building friendships.  She also loves that she is never bored and always has something to do.  She feels honored to have represented her sophomore class, along with Mary Noble Howard, on homecoming court this year.  As stressful as it may get, Zouboukos enjoys her busy life and loves all of the friends she has met along the way.