REVIEW: Stephen Chbosky’s new movie leaves the audience in “Wonder”


Wonder was released into theaters on November 17, 2017.   This movie was based on a true story originally presented in a book written by R.J. Palacio. 

The main character, August Pullman, better known as Auggie, suffers from a facial deformity and has been homeschooled his whole life.  His parents decide it is time for him to enroll in school so that he can have experiences with peers his age in the classroom.  At the beginning of the movie, Auggie is embarrassed of his outward appearance and always conceals his face with an astronaut helmet because he loved outer space and excelled in science.  

When we saw this movie over the Thanksgiving break, six out of the eight people within our group were in tears by the end of the movie.  Yes, Auggie goes through hardships, but the movie portrays how the people in his life such as his family, friends, or classmates are affected by Auggie’s facial deformity as well. One of the saddest parts of the movie was when Auggie overhears his best friend Jack Will talking badly about Auggie’s face to impress the school’s main bully, Julian.  Auggie ends up faking a stomachache so that he can go home.  

We feel everyone should go see this movie because Auggie was able to overcome something that he was born with that was classified against the cultural norm.  It also shows how his friends were able to look past his physical appearance and accept him for who he truly is.  Young Life leader Elizabeth Nenon said, “I think Wonder helps open our eyes to consider how to see others from their viewpoint first rather than our own.  The movie helps us see the value of choosing to seek to know people for who they are internally rather than who they appear to be externally.  External may be looks, actions, or attitudes, but all fall under the umbrella of appearance.”  Even the most emotionally unfazed will be brought to tears by this movie, as anyone who has a heart will cry.