Prep Players advance at MS Drama Fest

From Issue 4

Jackson Prep Players presented the One Act “The Lottery” under the direction of Mr. Kenneth McDade on December 2nd at the Mississippi Theater Association North Drama Festival held at Mississippi State University.  They had presented it to the Prep community beforehand.

At the festival, Prep’s ensemble took several awards such as best ensemble, best spirit, and best overall production. Two of the group’s members, senior Mary Frances Dickie and sophomore Adam Malone, won All Star Cast awards.

“The Lottery” was written in 1948 by Shirley Jackson. The story describes a fictional small town that observes an annual ritual known as “the lottery.” The ritual is deemed to have no apparent rhyme or reason behind it, and it is a social commentary on why people continue to follow outdated traditions without any sense behind their actions.

Jackson Prep’s adaptation of the short story was performed by freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Practices for their second performance at the Mississippi Theater Association Drama Festival in January picked back up in the second week of December. After the performance at Ole Miss, the One Act will be performed for students after Christmas break. Congratulations, Prep Players, on your awards and advancement. Break a leg in January!