Précis Pageant 2017

From Issue 4


Most beautiful and most handsome: Sara Thomas Easley & Christopher Russell


Beauty & Beau: Katie Walker & Russell Roberts


Beauty & Beau: Dakota Jones & Ryan Myers


Beauty & Beau: Macey Abraham & Chance Lovertich


Beauty & Beau: Jordyn Jefcoat & Duncan Jones


Beauty & Beau: Anne Clark Harvey & Tanner McCraney


Beauty & Beau: Hadley Thompson & Spivey Gault


Beauty & Beau: Addison Galloway & Jake Maloney


Most likely to succeed: Mary Patterson Hester & Gregory Vance


Dynamic Duo: Ben Burnett & Forrest Smith


Friendliest: Jacob Beard & Jewels Tauzin


Most Athletic: Maddox Henry & Sarah Avery Huffman


Most Versatile: Bailey Winscott & Graham Roberson


Most talented: Kelly McBride & Beth Ann Young


Most school spirited: Frances Hill & Parker Daily


Most Intellectual: Mary Margaret Mitchell & Allen Yin


Wittiest: Marley Parkman & Forrest Smith


Most artistic: Jennings Duncan & Mary Frances Dickie


Most charming: Thomas McBride & Isabelle McLeod


Mr. and Miss Sophomore Class: Mary Noble Howard & Alex Stradinger


Mr. and Miss Junior Class: Reece Davis & Emison Geiger


Mr. and Miss Senior Class: Cooper Carroll & Maddy Mazzaferro


Mr. and Miss Jackson Prep: Reed Peets & Avery Andress


Class Favorites: (Top) Wesley White, Jack Turnage, Ben Burnett (bottom) Morgan Williams, Lindsey Howard, Neil Stewart, Mary Rogers Merrell, Emme Aldridge, Miriam Box, and Wilson Mink

This year, the Precis Pageant was held on Monday, December 11th. It usually takes place in January, but this year it was moved to an earlier date because it fell on the night of the National Championship in past years. The pageant is hosted and made possible by the Precis Staff that meets every day during 3rd period. This year, the coordinator was Shelby Andress, and the co-coordinator was Mary Price Montagnet. The Precis pageant is a time to recognize members of the senior class who were admired by their classmates and a time to showcase the talent Prep’s senior high students have.

In November, the senior students were given an online survey to fill out where they nominated people of their choice for many different categories such as class favorites, most versatile, most athletic, and beauty and beau. At the pageant, students that received the most votes were recognized on stage.

Throughout the night there were various performances of entertainment. Claire Porter sang “Il Mio Bel Foco” by Francesco Bartolomeo Conti, Lawson Yelverton danced to “Work Song” by Hozier, Polly Watkins & Gregory Vance sang “I See the Light” from Tangled, Charlsey Rowan sang “Yours” by Ella Henderson, Walker Jay Patterson & Meriwether Marchetti sang “Don’t You Wanna Stay” by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson, Smooth Blues for the Dead: Jennings Duncan, Gregory Vance, Thomas McBride, Matt Gross, Mitch Kincaid, & Wesley McCulley performed “Eagles’ Medley,” John Henry Andress sang “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake, Charlie Davis performed “Waldstein Sonata” by Ludwig van Beethoven, Beth Ann Young, Miriam Box, & Graham Roberson performed “Next to Me” by Emeli Sande, Sara Thomas Easley & Piper Shrock sang “Diamonds” by Rihanna, and The Pearl Divide: Kelly McBride, William Cotten, Mitchell Boulanger, and Parker Daily performed “All Along the Watchtower” by Bob Dylan.

The beauty and beau category is a big part of the pageant. Eight boys and eight girls were voted on by their classmates and each boy was paired up with a girl to be her escort. Both the boys and girls participated in an interview with judges prior to the pageant, and the interview was a factor in deciding who would win most beautiful and most handsome.