Vocabulary teaching at Prep goes online

From Issue 4

This year, Prep English teachers have found a new system for the way that they teach vocabulary. Instead of learning their vocab from the traditional Vocabulary Workshop book, Prep students are now learning from a website:  Vocabulary.com. This website is Prep’s new vocabulary learning program that forces students to learn each word precisely in order to complete the assignment.

Ms. Kimberly Reedy used the system last year, and this year it’s been adopted across the entire English department.

Vocabulary.com teaches students by systematically exposing them to a wide variety of question types and activities that will help them understand all the meanings and uses of every word they are learning. If they answer a question incorrectly, it will ask them the question again later until they answer it correctly. This system helps the students’ learning process because they actually have to know the definition of the word, and in some cases, they have to be able to use the word correctly in a sentence to get the answer correct.

Another advantage of this new system is that students will not have to study vocabulary at home because they will not have vocab quizzes which at times can be challenging regardless of how much time you spend studying. Although Vocabulary.com can be rather time consuming in order to complete the assignment, students are able to bring their grades up because they can get whatever grade that they are willing to work for.