Sub Deb participants take on Winter Wonderland

Sophomores girls’ group at dance. Photo courtesy of Blakely Amis.

On January 20th, girls from the Jackson metro area in grades 10th, 11th, and 12th attended the Jackson Symphony League Sub Deb Ball. Students from schools like Madison Central, Jackson Academy, MRA, and Prep all attended the dance.

Many see the Ball as a sort of prom, but few know how it actually works. The Sub Deb program is a part of the Jackson Symphony League. The “Sub Debs” act as volunteers for events put on by JSL and help raise funds for the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra. To be eligible for this, you must sell five raffle tickets and attend a few volunteer opportunities around Jackson. The ball invitations begin to go out around the holiday season, and those who have completed the requirements will receive one. Girls who choose to do the program put lots of time and work into getting a ball invitation. This dance is also the only dance for many at Prep where the girls ask the boys.

During the beginning of the school year, those who are interested in joining sign up via the JSL website. Girls pay a membership fee and begin to sign up for volunteer work known as ‘shifts’ that will help them get a ball invitation. Throughout the next few months people attend many shifts and any tea or meeting that comes up. As it gets closer to time, girls will begin to look for a dress they can wear to the ball and find a date to take with them. Many people will also book a party bus or limo to go in with a group after the actual dance is over. Much planning is done by the parents and students into making the night happen.

Senior Emme Aldridge with date Nevin Wells before dance. Photo courtesy of Emme Aldridge.

The dance took place at the Mississippi Craft Center this year. A DJ played for the night, food was served, and the room was decorated like a winter wonderland. People took pictures and talked to everyone from other schools while they were there. Afterwards, people spent the rest of the night with their friends and overall everyone had a meeting to remember.