Speaker shares “Heartworks” journey with Big Sis/Little Sis group

Stacy Underwood shares her journey with girls. Photo by Jane Gray Barbour

Each month, 7th grade and 9th grade girls meet together and listen to successful and Godly women share their experiences. On January 25, Ms. Stacy Underwood came to talk to the girls about her ministry at Stewpot, Heartworks. This organization has privileged volunteers come to Downtown Jackson and fellowship with regular Stewpot members while creating art together. The girls were asked to bring paint brushes and art canvases to donate for the use at Heartworks.

Driven by the book, Same Kind of Different as Me and the hearts of those at Stewpot, Ms. Underwood took it upon herself to turn to God. She had felt that God had been calling her to help minister to the homeless with her love and profession, art, so she founded this ministry in 2008.

At her first class, she felt so disappointed and discouraged because only six people had shown up, and she wanted more. Soon, however, Ms. Underwood felt that God was reassuring her to “let one be enough.”

That phrase became her motto from then on out. This is the real message Underwood wanted the girls to hear: let one be enough. If you can only impact one life, so be it.

Big sis/ little sis pair catch up before listening to Ms. Underwood. Photo by Jane Gray Barbour

Ms. Underwood has been doing these art classes every Tuesday for 10 years now. At the end of every year, Heartworks has a huge art show where the artists get 80% of their art’s profits and Stewpot gets 20% for letting the artists use their facilities. Heartworks annually does well in these shows. All of the art from Heartworks has a distinct spoon on the frame, because it symbolizes serving others, it means the owner of the artwork is privileged, and is a constant reminder that not everyone is served with a silver spoon.

Ms. Underwood’s ministry has impacted so many lives and is continuing to do so to this day.