MOVIE REVIEW – Insidious: Last Key wraps up the series


The latest addition to the Insidious series came out on January 5, 2018. Insidious: The Last Key, also known as Insidious: Chapter 4, was the final sequel of the movies. This movie perfectly wraps up the stories without any loose ends and a whole lot of scary.

The other movies mainly focus on the stories of patients or the family that the main character, Elise Rainier, is trying to help and rid of ghosts or demons. This movie, however,  is all about Elise herself and how she became the “demon catcher” that she is today. I really liked that they made the last movie all about her childhood and the first demon that she encountered.


The movie starts off with a man, who now lives in her old home, calling Elise to help him get rid of some supernatural essence in his home. She immediately recognizes the address and freaks out, but she eventually convinces herself to go with the help of her “ghost busting team.” Once she reaches the town, she has an encounter with her brother and two daughters who she hasn’t seen in years. She meets her nieces because her partners were hitting on them very awkwardly. This scene is very uncomfortable to me and seems a bit unnecessary; it would have been better if they would have just met without a long and bad flirting scene.

Once she reaches her childhood home, she sees flashbacks of her abusive father who was completely opposed to his daughter’s ability, her sweet mother who tried to save her from the father’s beliefs, and her younger brother who had to watch her talk to ghosts and get beaten for it. This background really gave me a better understanding of Elise’s character and allowed me to like her even more, which I did not think was possible.

The man living there introduces himself to Elise and shows her the strongest “demon areas” of the house. He then allows her to spend the night alone in the dark house to reach out to the demon or demons living there, which is extremely stupid in my opinion. She creeps around the house and eventually makes an encounter with a bloody and frightening young girl demon. This encounter was a the first “scary jump” of the movie.

The movie then refers back to another childhood experience where she first encounters the main demon that led her back there. In this memory, she first found the key in the basement to unlock the red door that has been featured in every other movie. This was cool because the series finally showed how the red door was connected in all movies. She unlocks the door and lets out this demon and others; immediately when she opens it, her mother comes up behind her, and a demon in Elise kills her mother, which was really sad to watch, especially since the actor who played the mother was also in Grey’s Anatomy, a show that I love. Her father then begins blaming her for her mother’s death, which leads to the final childhood scene where Elise is older, sees yet another “ghost”, and runs away, never to return…. Until now.

The movie then takes a very unexpected turn…. She goes down the basement where her mother was killed and finds the door. The ghost of the young girl she previously saw brought her here. She unlocks it and finds a girl chained up who she believes is a ghost but turns out to be a very real and alive girl that the owner had kidnapped and was keeping there. Then there is a sort of violent action scene where the owner and Elise’s partners run around because the owner was trying to shoot them dead. The scene ends, of course, with the owner being killed and Elise’s partners becoming victorious.

Incidentally, the cops come, return the girl home, and Elise and her partners stay back to continue finding out more about this young girl ghost who saved the hostage. I thought this was a random scene that brought the audience’s attention away from the fact that this is a scary movie about ghosts. I did, however, like the sudden turn about the kidnapping; this plot had never been incorporated in the previous movies, which only dealt with supernatural issues and never real people (besides a family member or so).

This is where viewers discover that one of Elise’s nieces has a gift like hers and stays back to help Elise. I really like how they made the gift hereditary showing how much Elise had really needed closure as well as her family this whole time. The story continues on to where Elise’s other niece gets attacked by a new demon, “Key Face.” This scene was really weird to me because monster lies on top of her and inserts his finger, which is in the shape of a key, into her chest which turns off her voice. He then inserts his other finger, which would take her soul, but Elise and her partners find her in time for him not to take her soul permanently. Still, that means that Elise has to go to the other side and get her soul back. This climatic event was yet another unexpected turn that kept me on my toes.

Elise and her niece who shares her gift travel to the other side and eventually save the niece in the coma with the help of the ghosts of her mother, father, and the young girl; they all defeat “Key Face.” They also show that the father was the way that he was because “Key Face” was making him act that way and that what the young girl that Elise saw when she ran away, which was the ghost that helped her find the new owner’s hostage, was the real girl that her father had kidnapped. She finds remains of multiple girls that her father had given to “Key Face” and realizes that everything was because of “Key Face.” This sort of closure for Elise was really heart-warming and a really good way to wrap up the series. The movie was a lot less scary than the others since it focused more on Elise’s life rather than the demon itself. Although the “Key Face” demon’s appearance was overdone and looked fake, the movie was really good in my opinion. I highly recommend it.