“The Traveling Lady” stops at Prep

All photos by Hubert Worley

Since January, Prep students were hard at work to put together “The Traveling Lady”. With a cast of ten, the play was performed February 23 and 24, and the cast added an additional performance on the February 26 in Lindsay Hall due to high demand. The small stage gave the audience an up close and personal feel.

Ms. Jessica Wilkinson, 10th grade English teacher and director of Prep’s version of “The Traveling Lady”, said, “I picked this play because I really loved the story line. Second, I love Horton Foote plays, and third, I needed a small cast.” Wilkinson said that the play was challenging for the actors. They had hard roles, and they had to learn vulnerability with that. Mrs. Wilkinson enjoyed being able to incorporate some students into the play who don’t typically get involved in the theatre at Prep.

One of the interesting things about drama at Prep is that the department has no problem adding younger children to the play or musical. Christy Rutledge, sister of sophomore Maggie Rutledge, was casted as Margaret Rose, Georgette’s daughter.

Because of the small stage, there was one set used for the duration of the play. This added artistic value and allowed the actors to work with the space given. The play was about Georgette Thomas (senior Claire Porter) and her daughter traveling to find Henry (senior Aidan Creel), the father. Throughout the play, Georgette and Margaret Rose encounter new people as they learn things about Henry. At the end of the play, Georgette was able to ditch her horribly drunk husband for Slim (senior Thomas McBride) who genuinely wanted the best for her and her daughter.

Senior Jennings Duncan had the opportunity to compose background music for the play. Along with Jennings, Zach Richardson, Peter Downing, Graham Roberson, and Mary Patton Murphy performed behind the scenes in the band.  The Drama Department always puts on great plays because the students are so dedicated to becoming their characters.  

The next production that Prep students are putting on is Treasure Island. It will be April 21-23.