How to make $$$ this summer


Each year, students are given a three month break from school to enjoy sunshine and warm weather. Summer is a time for long days on the beach and, for some, a time to be carefree and at ease.

Unfortunately, many of the things that make our summers so enjoyable cost money.  For those long days on the beach, you need a place to stay. You need a car and gas money to get you there, but how do you get this money? It’s plain and simple, someone has to work.

The words  “summer job” immediately turn people’s minds to the cliché acts of lemonade stands and dog walking. In reality, there are many ways for students to earn well deserved money to spend on their own selves.

Many families are members of different country clubs around Jackson, so many students spend weeks on end there during the summer. If you fall in this category, one way to make money is to work as a lifeguard or golf caddy at your local country club. Most likely, you will run into many classmates or maybe even get the opportunity to work alongside friends.

Unfortunately, these jobs do require training and are very time consuming. Both of these options are wonderful opportunities and fit well on a résumé.
If you enjoy a more interactive environment, tutoring children is also an amazing way to make extra cash. For an hour at most, help a family friend/child get ready for the following school year by providing math, english, or even science help. It is not necessary to be an expert in the field, for most kids, they just need reinforcement.

Summer is an ideal time for vacation, so many families go out of town leaving their dogs and houses behind. After proving you are responsible, you can offer to take on big jobs, such as staying in their house, or you can just offer to pick up the mail. This is a super easy way to make some extra money, because you don’t have to plan a certain time to check up on the residence. You can work on your own schedule.

Working during the summer should not be a burden, but an easy way to make some extra cash. Gathering a group of friends is always a good way to make anything, including a summer job, more fun. Happy summer!