Physiology Fair highlights fitness


The Jackson Prep Senior High recently hosted a Physiology Fair featuring the projects of the kinesthesiology class taught by Coach Meredith Lang outside the Fortenberry theater.

All 84 of her students got into groups of two to three and presented their posters highlighting their fitness-focused projects. Exhibits included dieting plans, fast food restaurant and workout comparisons, and the effects of steroids and other drugs on your body.

Seventh and Ninth grade Science teachers took their students to the Fair to listen to the students in kinesthesiology class present their projects. These presentations were counted as part of the student’s grade for the project. “The purpose of the presentations was to give the students a chance to research a topic in exercise physiology or anatomy that interests the,” said Coach Lang.  

All of the posters had interactive elements such as trivia, games, contest, and visual aid. Coach Lang said that this was a great opportunity for Junior High students to interact with the Senior High students.