Externships coming to Prep curriculum

From Issue 7

Next year’s new senior high schedule is going to bring many new changes to the daily school life. Of course, class times will be different and students will go to different classes on different days. 

With new changes comes new opportunities. The new schedule has given Prep the chance to offer students the chance to participate in an out of school externship program in place of an elective. 

Participating students choose a field that interests them and pursue research and hands-on learning. Students will be allowed to leave school four weeks out of the semester to go shadow, watch, or volunteer in the externship they are working with. On the weeks that students are not leaving campus, they will to research and study what they are investing in and bring the research back to Prep. 

Some students may shadow doctors, work with a real estate agent, or pursue career practices that interest them. These opportunities that externships provide for students expose their creativity, knowledge, and help guide them in the direction they will end up in. The goal is to show students whether or not they are truly passionate about something by consistently working in a specific field.