Mindprints 2018 released

Today the junior high’s literary magazine Mindprints released its 10th volume to the public on Patriot Avenue, pairing each book with a Shipley’s donut. This year’s theme is “perspectives,” with the book delving into students’ minds through different writing and art styles.

Ms. Kimberly Reedy and Ms. Kathryn Shuff were the faculty advisors for this year’s issue, and the staff consisted of 7 students (see list below).

Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, the Mindprints staff reviewed well over 100 submissions from the junior high, ultimately choosing 82 pieces to include. Each staff member has at least one piece in the book.

Students had a great time this afternoon reading the book and eating donuts.


2017-2018 Staff (Worked on the book)

Camp Carter

Teddie Carroll

Victoria Chough

Bailey Graves

Alex Roberson

Trinity Scalia

Chloe Tew


2018-2019 Staff

Veronica Chough

Anna Clinton Lee

Havens Smith

Chloe Reynolds

Trinity Scalia

Jake Vineyard