Varsity basketball girls spread joy at children’s hospital


On Monday, November 19th, the Jackson Prep varsity girls’ basketball team went to Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital to make hand turkeys with the children who were well enough to go to the play area.

The team was separated into two groups. One group went to the 2nd floor and the other group went to the 5th floor. There were six children on the second floor and four children on the fifth floor who were well enough to make their own turkeys with the team.

For the children who were not well enough to join them, the team had pre-made turkeys that they had put together the day before. Freshman Andie Flatguard said, “I loved going to Batson and getting to know the sweet kids there, and I really want to go again soon.”

The children were appreciative that the team had taken time during their Thanksgiving break to go hang out with them. Senior Hannah Arnold said, “I’m so thankful that our team had the chance to step out of our own daily lives and make other children smile. Interacting with other children who are going through much harder circumstances than we are really puts basketball into perspective, and I hope that we have the chance to go back in the future.”

The smiles on these children’s faces is what made the experience. It was truly amazing to watch these children, who have been through so much, forget about everything that had happened to them for an hour and enjoy something as small as making hand turkeys.