A look at that controversial DWTS ending

With the closing of the 27th season of the hit show Dancing With the Stars, there was much controversy with the winner of the season. Bobby Bones, a well-known country music radio host, along with his partner, Sharna Burgess, took home the coveted mirrorball trophy. With a brother pro and a sister judge, contestants with previous dance experience, and some contestants that bring their own drama onto the show, Dancing with the Stars is no stranger to controversy.

The lowest-scoring contestant left in the finale, Bobby Bones was not expected to win. On the show, Bones even admitted that he was the least talented out of the final four. He has been called the “people’s champion,” which proved to be true, because it was his votes that won him the mirrorball, not his scores. He thanks “the people,” his fans, and Burgess for making his winning possible, saying his people did all the work. His partner Burgess says “it’s the win (she) never expected but everything (she) could of dreamed.”  He scored a perfect 30 on his last dance ever, while another competing couple (Milo and Whitney) scored a 30 on the 6th week of the competition.

For the past 26 seasons, the mirrorball trophy usually has gone to the strongest dancer, not the most well-liked. The viewers now realize that their votes do matter and the votes are equal to the judges’ scores. This should encourage viewers to vote every week to make sure their favorites stay on. Not only were the viewers shocked, Tom Bergeron, the host, was appalled after announcing the winner of the season.

Even though a lot of people were angry with the announcement of the winner, many of his fans were very supportive. Bones’ hard work throughout the season cannot be discredited.