Cultivation Food Hall opens in The District

Food halls have become extremely popular throughout the United States in recent years, but most people still don’t know what a food hall is. A food hall is basically an upscale, fancy food court. They include nicer, local restaurants as opposed to chains. Big cities like Seattle, New York, and San Francisco have made the trend of food halls extremely popular. The idea of the food hall was brought about in 2006 when the Westfield Group began to incorporate non traditional vendors to a food court and realized the potential of a food hall. 

Cultivation Food Hall at the District at Eastover in Jackson opened on January 13. Its vendors include Whisk (a Crêperie by La Brioche), Poké Stop, Local Honey, Fete au Fete StrEATery, il Lupo Coffee, Fauna Foodworks, Gold Coast Bar, Ariella’s NY Delicatessen, and Bocca Pizzeria. 

Whisk is owned by the popular bakery in Fondren, La Brioche. They serve crepes, gelato, and some desserts including their popular macarons. Local Honey offers some healthier options including avocado toast and acai bowls. Poké Stop serves poke bowls which consist of raw fish with rice and other toppings. Fete au Fete StrEATery serves New Orleans inspired dishes. Ariella’s NY Delicatessen is the only New York style deli in the state, serving traditional deli sandwiches and more. Boca Pizzeria serves traditional Italian pizzas including their staple Neapolitan pizza. 

The design of Cultivation Food Hall is very modern and casual. It was modeled after St. Roch Market in New Orleans. The eight vendors are set up along two walls with seating in the middle of the building. Gold Coast Bar is in the back with additional seating.

Cultivation is the first food hall in Mississippi. Chef Alivia from Ariella’s NY Delicatessen said, “I’m most excited about the new options we are collectively bringing to the city. There’s truly something new for everyone, from the cuisines, to the atmosphere, to the environment. It’s something Jackson has never seen. We are making history.” It is a very unique addition to Mississippi’s food scene considering food halls are primarily in bigger cities. It has a wide range of cuisines and something to offer everyone.