Who are these “Wise Guys”?

From Issue 6


Ford Lange

The group’s logo, featuring the beaming face of Coach Wise.

Come to any home basketball game and behind the Prep bench you will find the Wise Guys. The Wise Guys are the leaders of the student section and often the loudest people in the gym. Named after the boys head coach Tim Wise, the Wise Guys can often be seen wearing red shirts with Coach Wise’s face on them. No matter who the basketball teams are playing, the Wise Guys will be in attendance.

It all started early in the season with a group of six or seven Prep seniors coming to all the home games. Coach Wise approached this group and suggested the idea, as long as they promised to keep coming to all the home games. The students then decided to take it one step further and get shirts made to show who the real Wise Guys are. 

Whether it is encouraging our Prep players or attempting to distract the opposing teams players, the Wise Guys can mostly be found in the first couple rows of the student section. The main goal is to make as much noise as possible to cheer Prep on. Another perk to being a Wise Guy is the ability to help choose the themes for the big games such as JA, MRA, and other big conference opponents. 

Given that basketball is not always supported by the students as much as football or baseball, the Wise Guys are trying to make that change. By bringing a loud and fun atmosphere to the games, they hope to impact the game with a noise factor. 

Senior Reece Davis said that he loves the Wise Guys and feels that they really rejuvenate the crowd. 

Clearly the Wise Guys are making a hostile environment for opposing teams in the Prep gym for home games, making it as hard as possible for the other team to focus and communicate. 

So the next time you’re at a Prep home game, be sure to look into the student section and spot the Wise Guys.