Mathletes kick, add, and take names

Prep math crew at the MSMS tournament. Photo courtesy of Kimberly Van Uden

In February, math students at Prep participated in the American Mathematics Competition, the Mississippi College Mathematics Tournament, and the Mississippi School for Math and Sciences Math Competition.  

The American Mathematics Competition or AMC has two tests, the AMC 10 and AMC 12, both of which are 25 multiple choice questions that students have 75 minutes to complete. The AMC 10 is for 10th graders and below and covers all math learned through 10th grade. The requirement of this test is that students be under the age of 17 ½ years old. The AMC 12 covers all math learned through high school except calculus. The AMC 12 is for 12th graders or below, and students must be under the age of 19 ½ to take it. Both of these tests are used to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills, and both occurred on February 7 all around the United States. These tests are the first step of math competitions that end in the International Mathematical Olympiad. 

The MC Mathematics Tournament consists of multiple tests. This year, students from multiple schools arrived at Mississippi College on February 7 to take subject tests in physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. From there, the students took a math test. Afterwards, the scores of the participating schools were added up to determine who won. Prep took first place overall this year, which, according to sophomore Selby Ireland, is a big deal because MSMS was participating. 

The MSMS Math Competition consists of ciphering and a written test. Ciphering is basically solving math problems quickly. Students get points based on how quickly they solve the question. Students get two points for answering correctly in one minute and one point for answering correctly in two minutes. The written test is made up of multiple choice questions and students get points based off of correctly answered questions. The questions for both sections of the competition consists of problems in five subjects: Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, and Calculus.

The MSMS Math Competition was February 26 and Prep took 2nd place overall.

Results from the MSMS competition included:

8th grade placed 6th in the written test and 2nd in ciphering 
9th grade placed 2nd in both the written test and ciphering. Wayne Hsieh (2nd) and Thomas Wasson (3rd) placed in the top 10 overall of the written test
10th grade placed 2nd in the written test and 1st in ciphering. Angle Tu (2nd) Liddy Hurst(3rd) Kimberly Blount (4th) and Selby Ireland (10th) placed in top 10 overall of the written test
11th grade placed 2nd in the written test and 1st in ciphering. Leigh Hardin (2nd) and Russ Upton (9th) placed in the top 10 overall of the written test
12th grade placed 5th in the written test and 2nd in ciphering. Catherine Watson (10th) placed in the top ten overall of the written test
A team of 4 students: Charlie Ott, Russ Upton, Kimberly Blount, and Thomas Wasson competed in the Potpourri School Competition and placed 7th