Hotworx heats up Jackson

From Issue 7

Hotworx, a virtually taught exercise center, is becoming the next new thing in the Jackson area. Jackson Prep senior, Nora Beth Hetzel says, “I like hotworx because it’s open 24 hours a day and has a wide variety of classes. I love the hot yoga and hot row because you can go at your own speed or follow the instructional videos,” What makes hotworx different from any other workout center? At hotworx, you workout in a sauna, causing you to sweat more, which in turn, removes more toxins from the body.

At hotworx there is a variety of workout techniques and exercise forms to choose from.The different classes consist of iso, pilates, yoga, ot roll, core, warrior, zen, and cycle. All of them take place in hot temperatures.

Hot Iso, the original hotworx workout, is performed in thirty minute courses inside a 125 degree sauna. Hot iso has three phases, launch phase, fight phase, and landing phase. Launch phase is a modified yoga workout used to help students get warmed up. Following that is the main workout, flight phase, which consist of 14 isometric postures beginning with lower body and upper body, finishing with the core. The landing phase finishes the workout with a meditation phase designed to help the body cool down. A different style, hot pilates, provides an intense workout that focuses on the principles of pilates: flow, breath, centering, concentration, precision, and control. Hot yoga is a thirty minute yoga workout designed to leave you feeling comfortable and fresh. Along with it, it stretches your core and tones your body. In hot roll, students use a foam roller to massage deep tissues throughout the whole body. This is very useful when feeling tense or tight. Hot core consist of two different parts. Firstly, abdominal, hip, and lower back exercises to help strengthen the core. The second portion consists of a deep tissue massage. Hot warrior is a similar workout to hot iso but is designed for students who enjoy a more difficult class. Hot zen provides a perfect place for meditation. Hot cycle, a spin class, is a hotworx original workout. Sophomore Isabelle Dyess, claims her favorite class at hotworx is hot zen, because you burn a lot of calories from doing absolutely nothing.