MOVIE REVIEW: Happy Death Day 2U doesn’t live up to expectations

From Issue 7

The movie poster for Happy Death Day 2 U


Happy Death Day 2U is a sequel to the movie Happy Death Day that came out in 2017. Tree Gelbman wakes up the same day every day at the same time in a parallel universe. Her day repeats until she dies. She kills herself in many different ways until she can figure out which algorithm works to turn off the machine created by her friends to end the repetition.

Her friend who ended up being the murder in the first movie is back to life in the parallel universe and actually isn’t the killer. Spoiler: the killer is actually the teacher she had an affair with in the first movie.

In the new parallel universe, her mother comes back to life, but her boyfriend is dating someone else. She has to make a decision to either stay where she is with her mother alive where she truly doesn’t belong, or go back to current time and have her day go back to normal.

Ultimately through the struggle of the Dean of School trying to turn off the machine because of blackouts, they finally decide to leave the fantasy life and go back to her regular day. Overall, I thought it was an interesting sequel, I had no idea that that was how it was going to be set up, but I thought it was a good movie. I just probably won’t see it again.